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30 Days of Thanksgiving is simply about helping people choose to live thankful lives. Gratitude is a foundational virtue for people who have experienced the grace of God poured out through Jesus Christ.

But we can be so easily swept up in the current of complaints that our cynical culture continually spews out. 30 Days of Thanksgiving is about understanding, focusing and expressing heart-felt gratitude for many of the people, things and life-experiences that God has used to shape our lives. It is meant to be a shared journey. We can’t be thankful to ourselves and for ourselves…because thanks is something that you give.

You are invited to join us on this 30 day journey. Watch the weekend message videos, subscribe to the devotional emails for a daily “gratitude adjustment,” display  a yard sign or door hanger declaring your gratefulness, and most of all tell God and others how thankful you are for their presence in your life. For more information, visit www.JourneyChristian.com