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Bonus Day: The Giver is More than the Gift


For everything God created is good,

and nothing is to be rejected

if it is received with thanksgiving.

(I Timothy 4:4)


“He is a wise man who does not grieve

for the things, which he has not,

but rejoices for those which he has.”

— Epictetus


Patrick came into the house grinning with one hand curiously

behind his back. It was not a special day for us so I gave him a quick kiss

and tried to look over his shoulder to see what he was hiding. I cringed!

My dear husband backed away still smiling, and I could see a

sparkle in his eyes that told me he was ready to make my day. When he

handed me the pot of mums, I tried very hard to smile. I think I said a

weak “Thanks,” along with the question “What is this for?” I knew my

disappointment was not hidden from him, because I watched the light

fade from his eyes and the grin turn into pursed lips. He shrugged and

said he was just thinking of me and wanted to say, “I love you.”

I like mums, sort of, but they are not my favorite flowers. They don’t

speak to me about love. To me they did not convey the message that he

was thinking of me. I would have wanted roses, but he brought mums.

He wanted me to know the love he had for me, and I gave him cordial

“Thanks.” I had expectations he failed to meet, and though I may have

uttered the word thanks, I was, in truth, ungrateful.

Over the years I have come to learn that my ingratitude often stems

from my self-centered desires, but, when I see the gift and recognize the

heart of the giver, I am filled with thanksgiving. It does not matter what

is placed in my hands. It only matters who placed it there. When I see

that God sends the rain as a gift, even when I long for sunshine, I will be

blessed. Thanks for the giver is so much greater than a thank you for the


 Heavenly Father, You are the Giver of all good gifts. You gave me

a special gift of love through a man to teach me. Thank You for lessons

learned. You are the Giver and the Gift! Amen!

– Carolynn Scully –


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