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Day 27: I Left My Heart In An Unexpected Place


So, we, your people and sheep of Your pasture,

will give you thanks forever;

we will show forth Your praise to all generations.

(Psalm 79:13)


The first time I ever flew on an airplane, it was to go to Haiti. I was

scared out of my wits! But, I fell in love with Haiti as soon as I stepped off

of the plane!

Many strangers soon became friends. I was invited into their

homes, hugged their children, and walked with them in the markets. EVERY

morning, I woke up to the BEAUTIFUL sounds of Haitians singing

worship songs to God–before I could even muster the strength to brush

my teeth.

I realized just how ungrateful I could be sometimes, just trying to

get out of my own bed.

You see, I thought I was going there to share God with them. But, I came

back with lessons learned FROM them, lessons I will never forget. Sweet


On our last day there, I met 10-year-old Jenna. She lived several

miles away in the mountains that surrounded the village. Jenna had

walked down early in the dark morning to stand and worship.

I connected to her right away. Her smile was warm. Although we

did not speak the same language, we hugged and she sat beside me gripping

my hands and smiling at me the entire service. We sang together. She

tried to teach me the words. She told me she had dressed in her best–a

worn and tattered nightgown and Isotoner slippers. I learned, through my

interpreter, that she had seven siblings, and it was her responsibility to do

most of the care-taking as she only had one surviving parent.

Jenna never complained. Instead, she praised with a heart overflowing

with joy and thanksgiving!

I fell in love with her that day. Jenna stole most of my heart that

Sunday morning in the open air mountain church in Grand Goave, Haiti.

It has been 15 years since I have seen her, but I think of Jenna A

LOT. I wonder if she is still alive. Did she survive the recent tragedies? I

don’t know any of those answers, but I do know that I will see her again,

one day in heaven. And I hope she will once again sit beside me, grip my

hands, and sing worship songs with me to our Creator.

God, I pray that you would help us see past our comfort and conveniences

to see You more clearly. Open not only our eyes to see what You

see, but break our hearts for what breaks Yours. Keep us ever mindful of

the power in the gift of being thankful. Enable us to overflow with thanksgiving

and praise in our everyday lives. Amen!

– Aj Luck –


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